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For Startups

YIXU's approach emphasizes aligning capital raising with business execution and startups board credibility. We implement market fit and operational competency to align with the ever-evolving market demands and valuable investor insights.

Our offerings are designed to provide founders with support to address business problems

In the realm where AI meets most needs, YIXU is your gateway to that essential human touch. We impart the wisdom that can't be digitized—the nuanced strategies and richly-textured insights that elevate a startup. In a world where AI shapes much of the landscape, the secret to startup success isn't a secret at all—it's the amalgamation of relentless effort, sacrifice, and the depth of experience that forms the foundation of each entrepreneurial story. This is the 20% that technology cannot replicate, the human element that makes all the difference.

Imagine us as co-founders, not just consultants, transforming ambitious ideas into thriving businesses. That's us at  YIXU. We merge our credibility and operational expertise with investors and startup's ambitions, acting as the co-founders ventures need.  

Our offerings are meticulously designed to infuse founders' journey with essential wisdom. We don’t just dispense advice; we share the nuanced insights gained from our own paths as entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate leaders.

Important Notice

We want to emphasize that neither YIXU nor any individual purporting to represent YIXU will ever solicit funds from individuals for investment purposes. If you encounter any such solicitation, please be aware that it does not originate from YIXU or our authorized representatives.

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