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Compelling proposition to PARTNERS

Strategic Partnerships

Beyond financial support, partners collaborating with YIXU benefit from strategic alliances promoting access to investments and YIXU's extensive network of industry experts, advisors, and corporate partners. These partnerships can facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and business development opportunities, enhancing the overall value proposition for the startup ecosystem. We're excited to invite law firms, advisory companies, and banks to join us on our mission to shape the future of startups. 


YIXU stands ready to engage in institutional partnerships, providing long-term mentorship and critical insights on scaling, investment strategies, funding access, and venture capital navigation.

compelling proposition to venture capitalists (VCs)

VCs find YIXU's startup revitalization particularly compelling due to its innovative approach to addressing the challenges faced by struggling startups. This service provides VCs with a strategic framework for revitalizing underperforming startups, allowing them to salvage their investments and potentially turn them into success stories. By partnering with YIXU, VCs gain access to a blueprint for identifying key issues, implementing targeted interventions, and guiding startups towards sustainable growth and profitability.

By partnering with YIXU to strengthen startups' competencies, VCs increase the likelihood of success for their portfolio companies, ultimately driving higher returns on investment and creating value for stakeholders.

Overall, VCs value YIXU as a trusted partner capable of providing the support and the expertise when resources are limited to help their portfolio companies succeed in today's competitive startup landscape.

Partner in Legal Excellence

By partnering with YIXU, law firms gain access to diverse clients seeking legal services, enhancing their client portfolio and revenue opportunities. YIXU's expertise in supporting startups with tailored legal services, including incorporation, intellectual property protection, and compliance, ensures that law firms can tap into this niche market segment and offer specialized support to startups.

Furthermore, collaboration with YIXU creates cross-referral opportunities between law firms and our network of startups and investors. This synergistic relationship fosters mutual growth, as both parties benefit from increased client acquisition and expanded business opportunities.

Expand Advisory capabilities

By joining forces with YIXU, advisory firms gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise tailored to support startups at every stage of their journey.

Partnering with YIXU offers advisory companies a gateway to comprehensive support for startup growth. From strategic planning to operational optimization and fundraising assistance, YIXU provides a wide array of advisory services aimed at nurturing startup success.


Additionally, our extensive network of industry experts and resources empowers partners to access valuable insights, connections, and mentorship opportunities, enhancing the quality of their services and fostering meaningful client relationships. Through collaboration with YIXU, advisory firms can expand their service offerings to include specialized support for startups and venture capitalists, positioning themselves as leaders in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

maximizing bank returns

Partnering with YIXU offers banks a myriad of benefits in navigating the dynamic landscape of startup finance.


Leveraging YIXU's extensive network and industry expertise, banks can identify promising clients for banking services, lending, and investment opportunities. Additionally, YIXU's meticulous analysis and risk assessment processes provide banks with invaluable insights to mitigate risks associated with lending or investing in early-stage ventures, thereby enhancing their risk management practices and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, YIXU has innovative monetization strategies tailored to distressed or underperforming startup portfolios, offering banks opportunities to explore new revenue streams and investment avenues while minimizing risks associated with stagnant assets. Through partnership with YIXU, banks can unlock the potential for growth and innovation in the startup ecosystem while safeguarding their interests and maximizing returns.

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