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Team with skill set and perspective

execute with precision, nurture potential, and foster lasting innovation

Our leadership is steeped in a rich blend of entrepreneurial vigor and corporate acumen, further enriched by our education at one of the world's most prestigious business institutions, INSEAD.

Since our inception in 2023, YIXU has curated a team that embodies the spirit of innovation and the will to execute. We don't aim to leave a legacy of consultancy; we strive to build legacies of thriving businesses, leveraging our collective expertise where algorithms falter. Our focus is steadfast—execute with precision, nurture potential, and foster lasting innovation.

As seasoned entrepreneurs and operational experts, we extend our hand to act not merely as consultants but as integral team members driving ventures forward. At YIXU, we're not counting hours; we're making hours count.
Our pursuit is defined by meaningful outcomes, ensuring that every second spent adds unprecedented value to entrepreneurs' ecosystem.

We envision a future where our chapter in startup's success story concludes because our mission is accomplished — leaving behind a robust, self-sustaining enterprise. We believe in cultivating self-sufficiency rather than reliance.

YEOW Jie Han

As founders, it's essential to align with your partners. Review THEIR 'Mission, Vision, and Strategy' to understand if their philosophy resonates with your own
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