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for market fit and growth

Our approach infuses startups with the business expertise necessary

YIXU Ventures offers a strategic business relationship that transcends the typical investor-startup dynamic, fostering an environment where startups not only survive but thrive beyond the critical five-year mark.

Our hands-on approach instills a culture of capability, not dependency, as we work alongside founders to enhance competencies and achieve strategic alignment. With YIXU, startups are endowed with the freedom to innovate, bolstered by a team that's as committed to the same mission as founders - survive and succeed. We only win when founders and investors win.

We believe in empowering startups with on-demand expertise, making our solution more effective and efficient than traditional in-house efforts. With a core team dedicated to specific KPIs, supported by our shared services centers and the prestigious network of INSEAD Advisors, we deliver targeted, outcome-focused assistance that values progress over process.


Our expertise and resources act as a catalyst, sparking growth and connecting startups with the vital stakeholders and tools needed for sustainable business development and reach. Our extended team serves as a cornerstone, providing tailored support in financial efficiency, operational excellence, legal compliance, and business execution. This multifaceted backing ensures that startups can navigate the business landscape with a robust foundation.

YIXU is committed to bridging the gap in the post-investment ecosystem where venture capitalists focus on financial inputs and accelerators may fall short in providing long-term, customized support. As a lifeline for burgeoning startups, we facilitate the evolution from concept to operational success, charting a course toward sustainable growth and success.

Level of support for market fit

We understand that the foundation of a startup's success lies in the balance of financial growth and the well-being of its founders. Hence, we offer a substantial commitment of 240 hours per month focused on a diverse set of Market Fit KPIs, ensuring a multi-dimensional approach to growth and sustainability. This includes:

  • Fostering founders' well-being, acknowledging that the health of the leadership directly impacts the health of the startup.

  • Enhancing revenue growth, positioning startups to capitalize on market opportunities and scale effectively.

  • Streamlining cash flow from operations to ensure that your startup remains agile and liquid.

  • Ensuring strict budget adherence, maximizing the use of financial resources for optimal growth.

  • Developing market share, carving out a competitive position within the industry.

  • Improving the quality scorecard, reflecting high standards in every facet of operations and offerings.

  • Guiding project completion to ensure timely and effective delivery of products and services.

  • Optimizing EBITA for a sharper financial edge and better investment opportunities.

  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI) to ensure every decision contributes to the startup’s financial health.

  • Improving gross profit margins to bolster the bottom line.

  • Conducting legal monitoring and compliance, safeguarding the startup against potential legal pitfalls.

  • Protecting intellectual property, one of the most valuable assets a startup has.

In addition, our Super Advisors dedicate 20 hours per month for each startup, bringing their exceptional experience and expertise to bear on critical strategic initiatives. The combination of our extensive monthly hours and the specialized input from at least two Super Advisors ensures that startups have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve an impeccable market fit.

Level of support for GROWTH 

Building upon the robust foundation established by our Market Fit offering, we provide an additional focus on:

  • Production Capacity Utilization: Fine-tuning operations to maximize throughput and efficiency.

  • Ensuring inventory management strategies are streamlined for optimal cash flow and stock levels.

  • Implementing sustainable practices to reduce waste and optimize resource use.

  • Minimizing downtime through preventative maintenance, ensuring continual operation.

  • Employee turnover, creating an engaging workplace culture to retain top talent.

  • Employee engagement, fostering a work environment that promotes commitment and productivity.

  • Employee productivity, encouraging a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.

  • Developing strategies to maintain and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Supplier performance, managing supplier relationships to ensure quality and reliability.

  • Reputation score, enhancing public perception and brand value through strategic reputation management.

  • Strategizing and guiding startups through the complexities of entering and succeeding in new markets.

  • Overseeing and optimizing legal expenditures for operational and strategic agility.

To deliver this level of specialized support, YIXU commits a total of 400 hours of work each month on these Growth KPIs. This extensive time investment is further augmented by the expertise of up to four Super Advisors, each dedicating 40 hours per month. These high-caliber professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, ensuring that the startups have all the necessary resources and guidance for accelerated growth and market expansion.

Innovative Equity Models

We believe in flexible financing that benefits both founders and investors. Our innovative equity models are designed to support growth while preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that sparked all startups.

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