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Capital Fundraising For Startups

We provide strategic guidance and support, helping Founders navigate the complex landscape of startup financing

Embarking on the quest for capital is a passage of transformation for startups, a journey that demands both vision and grounded realism, especially for those in dire need of funds. We understand the critical importance of securing the right investment for startup's growth or turnaround. We have been there as Founders too.

At YIXU, our philosophy is to approach this quest not as a mere transaction but as an infinite game of strategic growth and enduring partnerships. For the entrepreneur whose aspirations are as boundless as the skies, yet whose reality is tethered to the earth by the gravity of financial necessity, we offer not just a lifeline but a path to sovereignty. We see beyond the immediacy of cash flow to the vast potential that lies ahead. It's about crafting a narrative that resonates with the hearts and minds of investors, a story woven with the threads of potential and the grit of realistic projections.

We begin by pinpointing potential investors whose goals align with startup's sector, ensuring a synergy that goes beyond the financials. Our team helps Founders distill business's essence into clear, compelling pitches and executive summaries, each crafted to make an indelible mark.

To convincingly demonstrate startup's financial promise, we aid in building robust financial models that articulate your growth trajectory. YIXU also prepares Founders for the investor due diligence process, gathering necessary documentation to expedite investor review and decision-making.

Understanding startup's worth is pivotal, and our Advisors assist in accurately assessing valuation to position the venture favorably in the investment community. Beyond that, we formulate nuanced strategies for negotiating investment terms, ensuring they align with Founders long-term vision and operational needs.

This is YIXU's infinite game—aligning the stars of opportunity with the groundwork of startup's unique journey, ensuring the capital raised is not the end, but a new beginning on the right track.

Level of support

We work for outcomes - not hours. Our support encompasses strategic planning sessions, investment landscape analysis, pitch refinement, financial modeling, and due diligence preparation. We're there to advise on valuation and to strategize over term negotiations, always aiming to optimize the outcome for our startups.

YIXU's commitment is to provide a foundational backbone of expertise and resources, ensuring that when startups step into the arena of capital raising, they do so with the full weight of YIXU's experience, networks, and strategic insight behind them.

YIXU doesn't just help funding; we also fortify

Post-fundraising, startups can supercharge competencies with YIXU's network of industry specialists and extended team members working up to 20 months per startup, ensuring the business expertise on hand when it matters most. Gain an edge with YIXU's extended team of business specialists.

Our collaborative approach infuses your startup with the skills and business expertise necessary for market leadership. From strategic planning to operational execution, we provide end-to-end support. Our holistic approach covers all bases, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best — innovating.

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