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Beyond capital
towards A better future

OUR Mission vision and strategy

YIXU's philosophy is rooted in the belief that entrepreneurs create value and will sustain the future. We are committed to building strong, lasting partnerships with our startups, guiding them to become thriving, successful organizations.

We empower early-stage, growth mindset companies, providing comprehensive support beyond the boundaries of traditional financial investments. We are on a mission to increase the survival rate of startups beyond the below 10% five-year benchmark typical for venture capitalists. We dedicate our time, expertise, and networks to enable these pioneering businesses to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and prepare for future private equity investments.

To turn our vision into reality, we deploy a strategy that maximizes our resources, expertise, and connections. By forging strong partnerships and investing time and effort in exchange for equity, we provide holistic support to these businesses. We aim to accelerate founders' journey, guiding them towards building prosperous and successful enterprises as fast as possible.


Unlock the Full Potential of Ambitious FOUNDERS with Expertise and Tailored Support

Partnering with founders, we empower  companies through hands-on operational support, specialized knowledge, and a robust network, driving rapid value creation and mission achievement.

Built on a foundation of collaboration, YIXU Ventures brings together a diverse team of industry veterans and domain experts to address the unique challenges startups face.

Our customized approach combines insights, resources, and mentorship, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and growth while we handle the operational complexities.

Value accelerator for companies

At YIXU Ventures, we embody a unique type of investor dedicated to accelerating the growth and value of startups by investing our expertise, time, and resources in return for equity.

By closely collaborating with startups and addressing their distinct needs, our goal is to expedite their development, enabling them to surmount challenges and achieve their objectives more efficiently. As a value accelerator, YIXU Ventures is committed to empowering startups to realize their full potential.

Our hands-on, cooperative approach enhances the startups' prospects for attracting investment and broadening their customer base and propels them toward value creation.

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