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Credibility through Advisory Board

seasoned experts lend their reputations and deep industry knowledge to upgrade startups business profile and investor appeal

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is no small feat. It demands not only a brilliant idea but also the wisdom to navigate complex business terrain. At the heart of every successful venture lies a foundation of trust and expertise. This is where an association with esteemed board members enhances startup's credibility, signaling to potential investors and partners that business decisions are backed by profound insights and strategic prowess.

YIXU brings this vision to life with our Advisory Board of experts, a community of industry leaders and INSEAD alumni dedicated to propelling startups forward. Our panel members are distinguished by their wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence that can elevate a venture from burgeoning to booming.

The synergy between a startup and its Advisory Board is crucial. Our advisors in Startup's governance structure provide more than guidance; they navigate founders through critical decisions, help them sidestep common pitfalls, and unlock opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed. Their impact is evident in the robust business strategies they help craft, the investor confidence they instill, and the sustainable growth they encourage.

YIXU's approach goes beyond traditional consultancy. It's about integrating our advisors into the very fabric of your startup. They serve as navigators, leveraging their success stories and industry acumen to chart a course that is both ambitious and achievable.

This comprehensive mentorship ensures that your venture's journey from inception to impact is executed as effectively as the idea itself was visionary.

In the hands of our Advisory Board community, your startup's potential is realized. They illuminate the path forward, providing a credible voice in pivotal discussions, ensuring every step you take is towards success. With YIXU, startups gain not merely advisors but advocates deeply invested in the journey alongside the founders.

Level of support

At YIXU, we understand that consistent and strategic support is crucial to navigating the complex landscape of startup growth. Each advisor dedicates up to 10 hours per month, ensuring they can provide detailed and impactful guidance. This structured support caps at 3 hours per week to allow for deep dives into your business challenges and opportunities, balancing intense focus with ample time for reviews and feedbacks. This level of engagement is designed to optimize implementation inputs while fostering manageable progress for your venture.

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